Beyond Thunder City

Beyond Thunder City is an anthology of settings for Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse, the award-winning RPG of mice and their motorcycle clubs! It is a 6"x9" fully illustrated book of five worlds for use with the core H.M.T.M. game (available at a discount through this very campaign!), written by some of the most imaginative designers in the industry today and illustrated by cartoonist, Jacob Hunt.  

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  • Take a blast to the past in Rock n Roll Sock Hop Mouse by Craig Campbell
  • Fight against the Golden Horde in the deeps of space with Metal Mouse Furry Trail by Elizabeth Chaipraditkul 
  • Protect the mice of the wasteland in Salvation by Todd Crapper
  • Tear through the streets of a near-future Tokyo in Neo Nezumi by Steve Radabaugh
  • Help the poor and suffering in Call the Midmouse by Jonathan Lavallee
This is, however, an expansion for Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse. So make sure you get that too!