Broken Cask

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The Broken Cask is a solitaire innkeeping roleplaying game. Well what, in the name of the Leaky Cauldron, does all that mean?

 It means your dining room table covered in papers and charts; it’s slinging dice to find out what happens next; it’s hoping that slowcoach cook of yours can get the next meal out in time for a hefty tip and wondering who will come through the door next.

 You play it with paper and pencil and at least one six-sided die.

It may inspire you to imaginative feats and storytelling of your own, or it may just be a good time when you feel like relaxing and playing alone.

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You will create your inn and innkeeper persona, hire staff, earn gold, expand your inn, trade at the market, send heroes off on adventures, and oh so much more. 




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