The Green Crow Inn: a Novel

The Green Crow Inn is a cozy fantasy novel set in the world of HOMES and The Dig.

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Meet Torsen, the newest hire at the Green Crow. He is young but refined, being from the Capitals as he constantly reminds everyone, and he is eager to soak in the atmosphere of this "rustic" establishment. Far from the bustle and competition of the big cities, life is calmer...probably.

With Torsen you will experience the Green Crow Inn, from its looming common room and quaint kitchen to its keepers and patrons. There is, of course, Kalka the dependable and serious innkeeper; Sumi Kind, the cheerful, people-pleasing barback; and Furrier, the cheeky, passive aggressive cellarer.

Each has their own tasks but all chip in when it's time to sling ales and serve up tea and cake. They keep the inn running smoothly and comfortably in service to its patrons, those being travelers about the western lands of the Continent and locals from the town of Niwari, set about the mysterious forest of Teela Hill. Will Torsen make a home of the Green Crow, or is he destined to fall flat on his face as Kalka seems to think he will? And what does the mystery of the nearby wood mean for them all?

Read it because:

  • cozy, tavern vibes are what you need right now.
  • you want to experience a different take on high fantasy.
  • you've always wanted a sitcom about The Prancing Pony or another favorite fantasy inn.