Gram is a grouchy, boring dwarf who spends his days with the only thing he cares about: banging iron into interesting shapes. His jovial friend Faff annoys him; his ridiculous people, the dwarves of the Homes, irritate him; and to top it all off an inconsequential spat with Tad, a mining foreman, lands him a tidy exile for a year and a day. While he is away his land is thrust into rebellion and war, but his exile is not without purpose. There, and on his return, he learns that his people have deep roots, that they are stronger and more noble than he ever thought, and that great history, as well as danger, reside in the ground beneath his feet.

Homes is a fantasy novel that feels both familiar and fresh, immediate and ancient. It is playful and witty and deep as the bowels of the earth. 

Homes is a journey of identity and roots.

Join the dwarves in an exciting tale of adventure, war, and history!