Good Heart now on Kickstarter!

Friends, our next project is officially live on Kickstarter! 

Good Heart is the story of a cowboy who finds himself  a stranger in a strange land (North Africa, to be more specific). There he retrieves what he's sure is something special, a necklace he was paid to lose. Soon thereafter, though, he's pursued by dark strangers who know his name, who know the orphan girl in his unlikely charge, and threaten the life he is trying to build for himself with the first woman he's ever allowed himself to love. And somehow in the midst of it he believes it is something to do with a spectacular horse he calls his own.

HMTM on the Beer & Pretzel Show!
The fine lads at The Beer & Pretzel Podcast did an actual play of Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse and took the time to interview me! In their infinite coolness, they even included a little biker mouse in their logo.

HMTM Part 1
HMTM Part 2

Author Voices Interview

Author Voices

I had quick interview over at Author, talking about HOMES, the process, and the next book!

Deal of the Day!

Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse is today’s deal on DriveThru! 50% off the off of the core book!

Tell your friends to get to Thunder City!

Metal Mouse/Furry Trail now available!

Friends and fellow citizens, it is time for the next expansion to Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse!! Liz and Jacob have created an outstanding new setting in which to take your mice - Metal Mouse/Furry Trail is here and ready to blast your mice into the void. In Liz's words, it's a love child between Biker Mice From Mars and Mad Max. In other words, seriously rad. And just in time for the holidays!

Pick it up today on DriveThruRPG!

Interview with Indie RPG Bookshelf

The Indie RPG Bookshelf is doing some great stuff, bringing independent roleplaying games to Australia. They reached out to me about promoting some games and talking design, and they did a bang up job. Check out the interview below!