Nova Burn, the tabletop shmup, is now available

Solitaire, tabletop shmup action is now ready for you to check out for free!

Pick it up today on Itch or

To learn a little more, check out my developer journal below.

Nova Burn is coming!

 When fleets of horrid enemies break through defenses and invade the solar system, there is only one heroic pilot left to achieve victory.

Nova Burn is a solitaire tabletop shoot 'em up flying your way soon from Shoreless Skies! For a peak at the design process, check the replay over on my Twitch channel. Otherwise stay tuned! Nova Burn is coming.

An Open Call for Playtesters

 It's that time! I am in the very early stages of development for the next Shoreless tabletop game and I need eyeballs.

This new project is another inn game, but this time you are and your friends get to travel around and visit the many amazing inns of the world. This game is intended for solo players as well as small groups, so if you are interested please contact me via email.

All playtesters will be credited in the final book and receive a free paperback copy for their feedback.

Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse: Beyond Thunder City is now available!


It's time to rock hard and ride free! Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse: Beyond Thunder City is now available for purchase! Don't delay, scoot on over to our shop on and pick up your copy!

Also available on Itch and Amazon.

Player-made Broken Cask Sheet

 I was very pleased to wake up to this awesome Broken Cask sheet made by Nick DeSimone!

Be sure to follow him @darquehope and download the sheet here for use with your next game of Broken Cask.

The Art of H.M.T.M. is now on Kickstarter

In a stroke of mad genius Jacob has created a new option for backers of our Kickstarter campaign, as both a reward level and add-on. The Art of Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse will be a special, digital collection of our mice on bikes. It will include over 80 illustrations, as well as color versions not available in print, development sketches, thumbnails, and other behind-the-scenes extras.
So if you're like us and just seeing these mice in action makes you happy, consider backing today! 1 week left!

The Broken Cask play materials have been updated

So many new friends have come around the inn!

 Broken Cask has gotten quite a few new players lately, so thanks for stopping by! With so many new friends has come a fresh perspective. I have taken that feedback and updated the rules clarification. I have also gotten some requests to improve the innkeeper log, so there is now a cleaner version for home printing ("no gray") and a fillable PDF done by Amy Veeres.
This has all been added to the download link for Broken Cask play materials. Thanks again! If you are a DriveThruRPG customer, you should already have seen this update.